The 14th Anniversary of the TP400 Programme

since December 11th, 2023


Commemorating the 14th anniversary since the maiden flight of the Airbus A400M along with its four TP400 engines marks a significant milestone. Over the past decade, the A400M has served as a fundamental asset in enhancing the projection capabilities of various armed forces on a global scale.

This anniversary stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of numerous contributors. From the relentless efforts of crews and mechanics to the pivotal roles played by commandos, intelligence officers, and controllers, this achievement has been a collective endeavor. Furthermore, it acknowledges the invaluable contributions of our esteemed teams, esteemed clients, parent companies of EPI, and esteemed industrial partners. Together, your collaborative efforts and steadfast support have been instrumental in shaping and propelling this incredible journey toward this remarkable milestone!



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