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Consisting of a European collaboration programme between Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP), MTU Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce and Safran Aircraft Engines, EPI combines the best of Europe’s aerospace companies’ resources and expertise.

ITP Aero

20.6% shareholding

ITP is currently the ninth biggest aircraft engine and components company in the world by revenue, ranking among the top one hundred companies in the aerospace industry. The company has production centres in Spain, Great Britain, Malta, United States, India and Mexico and more than 3,000 employees.
ITP includes among its activities the design, research and development, manufacturing and casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical engines. It also offers a wide range of customized MRO solutions for engines, accessories, components and parts. Its experience in the MRO market includes clients operating in the civil, industrial and defence markets worldwide.

TP400 D-6 Responsibilities:

  • Power turbine
  • External dressings
  • Front bearing support
  • Turbine exit casing
  • Special test equipments & extensive engine testing
  • Exhaust nozzle
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MTU Aero Engines

22.2% shareholding

MTU Aero Engines AG is Germany's leading engine manufacturer. The company is a technological leader in low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors, turbine centre frames as well as manufacturing processes and repair techniques. In the commercial OEM business, the company plays a key role with the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech components together with international partners. In the commercial maintenance sector the company ranks among the top 5 service providers for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. The activities are combined under the roof of MTU Maintenance. In the military arena, MTU Aero Engines is Germany's industrial lead company for practically all engines operated by the country's military.

TP400 D-6 Responsibilities:

  • Intermediate pressure compressor
  • Intermediate pressure turbine
  • Intermediate shaft
  • Final assembly of production engines
  • Testing
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Rolls Royce

25% shareholding

Rolls-Royce’s vision is to create better power for a changing world via two main business divisions, Aerospace and Land & Sea. These business divisions address markets with two strong technology platforms, gas turbines and reciprocating engines. Aerospace comprises Civil Aerospace and Defence Aerospace. Land & Sea comprises Marine, Nuclear and Power Systems.

Rolls-Royce has customers in more than 120 countries, comprising more than 380 airlines and leasing customers, 160 armed forces, 4,000 marine customers including 70 navies, and more than 5,000 power and nuclear customers.

TP400 D-6 Responsibilities:

  • Engine integration
  • High Pressure compressor
  • Low Pressure shaft
  • Intermediate case
  • Beading support structure
  • Air & oil systems
  • Performance
  • Whole engine mechanics
  • Hot strut
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Safran Aircraft Engines

32.2% shareholding

Safran Aircraft Engines (Safran Group) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and rocket engines. Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops, produces and markets, alone or in partnership, engines for commercial and military aircraft, launches vehicles and satellites. Safran Aircraft Engines also offers a complete range of engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to airlines, armed forces and other operators.
Safran Aircraft Engines excellence is recognized worldwide. Safran Aircraft Engines Military Engines Division designs, develops, produces, sells and supports jet engines for combat and training aircraft as well as turboprop engines for military transports. The Military Engines Division flagship products include the M53-P2 for the Mirage 2000, the M88-2 for the Rafale, and of course the TP400 for the Airbus A400M transport.

TP400 D-6 Responsibilities:

  • Powerplant installation on aircraft
  • Lubrication system (Techspace Aero)
  • Starter
  • Engine control system
  • Accessory gearbox & components (Hispano-Suiza)
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