Our maintenance Concept

With TP400-D6 performance and available technology, we continuously adapt our maintenance services to maintain your engine on wing.

Maintain engine on wing

A400M and TP400-D6 engines on military base

ML1 – On wing Maintenance

  • Training
  • Field Support Service
  • Engineering & Technical Support Activities
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Spare availability

ML2 – Maintenance on Removed Engine (MOB or shop)

  • Training
  • Technical Support Services
  • Engineering & Technical Support Activities
  • Modular Maintenance
  • Test Bench Capacity

ML3 – Module & LRU Repair at Industry Facilities

  • Full Repair Capacity
  • OEM Expertise

Our maintenance network


Beyond Europe, Europrop International is establishing a network of support facilities worldwide to provide high levels of engine support and maintenance.

In addition to the regional presence of the partner companies, we are seeking to develop a global support infrastructure. Our partnership in Malaysia with local company Global Turbine Asia provides capability to support TP400-D6 to the Royal Malaysian Air Force Fleet.


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