Our availability, your performance

By working closely with our operators, EPI is bringing extensive technology, programme and engine support expertise to ensure availability, reliability, flexibility and efficiency to operations.

Material Support

EPI proactively forecasts and provides spare parts you may need, AOG Services and Maintenance Support Option.

Operational Support Services

From Troubleshooting to Service Bulletin Implementation, we offer a range of services including on wing support such as Boroscope Inspections and assistance to LRU exchange…

Engineering & Technical Support Activities

Our highly-qualified service engineering team is available 24/7 launch immediate investigations and can deploy on demand, experts on site.

To maximise maintenance engine efficiency, EPI also provides in-service operation data analysis and Technical Variance services.

Fleet Management Services

To constantly maintain operational control, EPI provides Logistics Support Representative (LSR) either located on-base or within our offices.

We also offer our expertise for additional services such as Tracking Engine Configuration, In-Service Data Monitoring and MRO Management.


Dedicated to your team, our computer-based and practical engines training courses are based on your requirements. Qualified certifications are given to all attendees.

Field Support Services

EPI representatives assist your team on site with any required engine support for any engine support needed.

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