Senior Project Manager

since December 14th, 2023

Location: Madrid


  1. Solution coordinator

The Solution coordinator is a Programme Management role.

In this role, the incumbent will be assigned with engine related issues to be solved, and will ensure to define and manage an integrated planning on the issue, and lead the resolution up to solution implementation.

The incumbent will be assigned as well with engine related risks to anticipate and to be dealt with in a similar way.

For each issue and risk, the Solution Coordinator will need to :

  • Obtain Root Cause Analysis from Engineering
  • Identify through Functions (Engineering, Support, Supply, Commercial, Quality) potential preventive solutions in P21 and As an example, these solutions could be as diverse as :
    • Product change,
    • Maintenance activities,
    • Commercial policy,
    • Additional / Enhanced quality controls,

These solutions need to be consistent across all Functions.

  • Identify with same Functions corrective solutions for P21 and P145 as need As an example, these solutions could be as diverse as :
    • Repair solutions,
    • Product change / de-mod
    • P21 and/or P145 capacity increase
    • P145 capability development
    • Maintenance activities
  • Challenge preventive and corrective solutions to propose integrated plan options for Stream or EXCOM decision before launching the plan.
  • Coordinate all activities within EPI and PCs to ensure completion of integrated plan in Programme agreed timeframe.
  • Lead resolution of the issue / mitigation of the risk up to solution availability and first implementation.

2. Change coordinator

The solution coordinator will as well be in charge of a set of changes, either existing ongoing product changes, or any product change requested for the resolution of an issue / a risk. Under that scope, the incumbent will :

  • Ensure delivery (embodiment) of the change in agreed timeframe.
  • Use Project Management tools and Programme management competences to drive the change through its different gates.
  • Maintain integrated planning and action plan, identify focals, hold regular meetings and issue status reports, propose and evaluate possible ways forward, actively drive the resolution of roadblocks.
  • Ensure the Change is well prepared before presentation to the Change Control Committee.
  • Interface with Parent Companies and Customer throughout the Change process.
  • Establish and maintain the appropriate set of Provide regular visibility on progress, roadblocks, risks & opportunities and make use of escalation process when necessary (CCC, Leadership Meetings).


Prime responsibilities:

  • Propose integrated solutions to engine related issues and risks.
  • Lead the resolution of allocated issues to solution implementations in the agreed Programme timeframe.
  • Manage portfolio of product changes within agreed timeframe.



  • Experience in Programme Management
  • Training in Programme Management tools
  • Experience in aeronautical engine field
  • Ideally knowledge of the TP400
  • Fluency in English
  • Leadership skilled
  • Hard working
  • Solution driven oriented
  • Capacity to drive project through with limited guidelines and assistance


Reports to:                             Programme and Operations Director

Organisational Role:              Member of the Product Design Stream

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